In the Fall of 2018 Peter Kelleher, founder of Support The Soupman Corp, called the studio. Moved and impressed by his compelling story – the power of a father’s love – we offered to create a logo and to design and develop the Support the Soupman website pro bono.

This week we are spotlighting our design work for this amazing local nonprofit whose mission is to help relieve the pain and suffering that the homeless experience daily, and to raise public awareness to their challenges.

Since the launch of the website, Peter has become a client of Shields Design Studio. Support the Soupman gained national recognition recently when it was a featured story on the Today Show with Al Roker. You can view it here:


The logo featured here is used for the Support The Soupman Corporation, a public non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. After speaking with Peter and brainstorming with the team, we decided that incorporating Peter’s favorite colors, red and yellow (note the bus!) was a given. Peter has a personality bigger than life, with a heart to match, although his message is simple, “It’s just people helping people.” Hence the image of the heart within the ladle.


The purpose of the site is to tell Peter’s story, allow people to become involved and to raise money for his mission. The goal was to make it easy to navigate and approachable. The header image was picked up from the former site as it has personal meaning to Peter.

Coffee Bag design:

This design was actually derived from soup labels (still in production) that we developed. The initial design was expanded to include four different coffee variations: Full City, Travis Strong, Brockton’s Blend and Nantucket Decaf (to come). The Kraft paper textured background evokes a humble and down to earth feel. Again, the brand color palette of red and yellow was incorporated along with dark brown accents in the “Travis Strong” version.

Social Media:

The Soupman Team does a great job with posting every day happenings on Facebook. Shields supports their efforts by supplying occasional graphics to emphasize specific events. Shields has been sharing these postings on the Instagram page and in a short period of time over 100 followers have been added!

Shields has developed reoccurring themes, such as, “Peter Being Peter,” which are postings “from his heart.” Also, an ISYMI template has been created for posting about past events.

– Sally McCarthy, Creative Director