Did you know that the Whale Tail plate really helps whales? Proceeds support whale research, fund the teams that disentangle whales, improve water quality, restore aquatic habitat, and provide environmental education.

Shields became a PRF60 Preferred Vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in March of 2015. We received our first project from The Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET) in August. MET’s mission was to increase awareness around the North Atlantic right whales by developing an internet advertising and social media campaign. Atlantic right whales are the most endangered of the whales that visit Massachusetts. It is estimated that just over 500 still exist. This animal has no natural predators, but only about half will die of natural causes, the rest are victims of human activity.

Funds from the Whale Tail license plate help to reduce threats to whales while maintaining marine commerce. Spotter flights warn ships of right whales in the area and response teams disentangle whales caught in lines and debris.

By creating visually appealing internet banner ads and social media posts, we successfully drove people to the campaign’s landing page.
Learn more and buy your plate at www.whaleplate.org