Why am I rebranding?

First step is to ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your current logo feel out of sync with your company culture and/or with the rest of your company’s branding?
  • Is there a situation that is causing you to rebrand?
  • Is there a reason for making this strategic move?

Examine your look

  • Is your current brand fresh, modern, unique, and original?
  • Is your logo clean, simple, and up to date?

Do I need a total rebrand or just a refresh?

  • Rebrand: A entirely new identity may include a renaming, a new tagline, a new logo/visual identity and brand guidelines.
  • Refresh: A fresh update to an existing color palette, logo or font style.

Am I up to the challenge of implementing this new brand across all platforms?

  • This includes some or all of the following: website, social media, print pieces, signage, tradeshow, vehicle, packaging, tone of voice, and office/store decor.

Shields steps to rebranding

Now that you have determined the goals and reasons for the rebrand it is time to take action. Every project begins with an initial input meeting. Here, project goals and needs are clearly outlined for all parties. We then perform the necessary market research, venues/vendors, competitive or comparative initiatives, and other relevant information.

We will take the time to understand

Who you are — Who you want to be — Where you want to go

Market research to determine

Who your clients are — How to reach your target market — How to Instill brand loyalty

We listen and explain things in a clear way

The design process:

  • Discovery phase: Your brand team will need to get to know the big picture including your history, current status and future goals. We then perform the necessary market research and gather other relevant information.
  • Creative phase: Once all information is collected, we combine it with our own knowledge and experience, and with your involvement, we formulate a plan of action. We draft a Creative Brief. Together, we create an agreement that details goals and expectations for the project.
  • Messaging: This is how you’ll position your brand, it will be the building blocks for core messaging including brand tagline, tone of voice and brand values.
  • Visual identity: This is the cornerstone of the branding process and includes the development of the color palette, logo, fonts, artwork and illustration and any brand marks that will define your brand.

    Shields will draft initial concepts which are presented to the client for review. The process then falls into a natural back and forth of revisions/refinements and review, until the final logo is approved. It is important that you and any other stake holders give constructive input on the various designs. Here are some tips for giving your rebrand designers useful and successful feedback:

    - To avoid conflicting input assign one person that will relay the gathered information to the creative team.

    - There may be some back and forth before arriving at the final approved direction. Be specific and clear in your direction.

  • Final deliverables: The logo is at the heart of your brand. The final deliverable will include final logo files for use on all platforms, a brand guidelines sheet or booklet depending on project scope, a color palette and other design assets.