Shields Design Studio’s web design clients span a variety of industries. All rely on the designers’ expertise to create visually appealing and user friendly sites. But it takes more than just a pretty page to have a successful website. Tourism sites are unique because they cater to visitors, encouraging them to experience all that the town/city, region or country has to offer. What does it take to build a site like this? It begins by understanding what the town would like to highlight within their site, which often includes things to do, such as dining, shopping, activities, nightlife, groups, and business meeting options. Then there is the question: What are some valuable things tourists might search for before their travel endeavors? Perhaps where to stay, upcoming events, and even information or history pertinent to the area? Does the area get many international tourists? If so, you may be in need of translation options within the site.

Shields begins its web design by offering a variety of home page options and one interior page option. Once a design has been chosen, additional page templates, based on the site map, are created giving due importance to the user interface experience of the site. When the design is approved, Shields’ web developer, Steve Polito, codes the site. Typically the sites are built in either Drupal or Wordpress. Both platforms are open-source tools and content management systems (CMS).

Shields meets our clients’ expectations of making their site as user friendly as possible. We collaborate to ensure that the navigation, categorization and hierarchy allow users to browse the site easily.

Paula Fisher, Director of Marketing for Destination Plymouth, described a positive experience with Shields during the creation of The website drives traffic, and comes up as the first and second option in searches. Paula explained that working with Shields was a huge factor for the successful website, describing the agency as receptive, efficient, and creative. The website has increased membership, with new businesses requesting to be listed on Destination Plymouth.

What about Shields’ tourism clients? Those who are managing their own website? Clients want to feel like they are in control of their site. They want to feel confident when they log in to make an edit or replace a photo. Shields makes it a goal to build a website with maximum comprehensible accessibility. Shields takes the time to train the client on how to navigate the sites’ user-friendly back end. Tips are also given on ways to keep the site fresh and current. Support is just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

Tourism sites done by Shields Design Studio include: