Megan joined our team in July of 2017 after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University. She brings an unprecedented level of creativity and illustration skills to Shields Design and is the creative genius behind the comic book series Innsmouth. A personal project, she describes her series as, “a horror-comedy Lovecraft parody about a bunch of door-to-door doomsday cultists trying to end the world”. It is not just the eye-catching visuals that make this series such a success, it also delivers a compelling storyline. You can purchase the first four of these full-color issues, published through Sink/Swim Press, by visiting her website here.

“Innsmouth” is set in the fictional New England town described in Lovecraft’s 1936 novella, “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” The original story is about a community full of fish people in disguise, which James says is unintentionally hilarious.1

It is fascinating to watch how quickly Megan can create in depth illustrations using her tablet. Luckily Shields has been able to tap into her unique talents, check back in soon to see how our clients have also reaped the benefits!

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