What is your dream project? We asked ourselves that question recently and determined that we like creating labels, enjoy going to breweries (on occasion) and really love to illustrate. Without already having a few examples in hand, it is difficult to show a potential client the creative ideas we have in mind for them. Yes, we have amazing wine labels that we can share. However, showing artwork they can really identify with, is better than telling them what we can do if given the opportunity!

Defining what we want to do brings us one step closer to achieving our goals. Therefore, Sally, Ali and Megan were given an assignment. First, come up with a theme for the labels. Second, name your Brewery, ideally giving it a name that is not already taken. Third, sketch up three labels for your line and name each beer. Forth, create the final artwork. Finally, we all agreed on a template that we could each use in order to create a uniform presentation. We will highlight each label below and tell you a bit about our own personal journey.

Ali’s Label

Brewery: Shields Creative Brewing
Jungle Hops | Seawater Shandy | Dry Rye

Photography by Sarah Weston Photography

“For my labels I wanted each of them to focus on a different environment while also showcasing different hand lettered beer names. I rarely get to do illustrations in my own style so I was excited to create these bright and vibrant locations. I started with the bright orange jungle, then moved to a cooler ocean setting and lastly onto the dry desert. It was really fun getting to practice more using the apple pencil in the Procreate application on the iPad. I have been practicing my hand-letting but still have not quite perfected the art, so this was a fun experience to try new techniques.”

Megan’s Label

Brewery: Sterncastle Brewing
Snug Harbor | Port Fogtide | Crimson Coast

“I wanted my Sterncastle series to combine modern bold design with the texture of delicate old-world lithographic prints. I was aiming for a nautical look and feel that would have suited my hometown of Annapolis, one of the biggest sailing towns on the East Coast. Previously, I’ve used public domain engraving images as design elements, but for this project I wanted to create my own proprietary elements. Similar to the Bradford’s Ghost bottle for 1620 Winery, I used digital engraving brushes to add tone and texture to the scenes in the top colorfields of the cans. This was my first try doing the process in Procreate rather than illustrator and I think I accomplished a more controlled, varied result!

Fun fact: the nautical flags on each label spell out the name of the brewing company!”

Sally’s Label

Brewery: Jammin’ Brewery
JazzFusion | LowNotes | Key Of 3♯

“I always loved going to see jazz and rock bands, especially during my college years. I used to sketch the performers often with a pencil or ball point pen. I still have some of those drawings in old sketchbooks. I come from a musical family, so the theme really resonated with me. I began by trying to think of names for this “musical” theme, who knew that Bebop Beer, Rhythm & Brews and Spotlight (to name a few) would already be taken? Real people, from my past, influenced the artwork, none more so than Key of 3♯ which features my brother Rick and my nephews Andrew and Brian. The technique I used for my illustrations was to first create a line drawing using fine tipped sharpies (rapidograph pens work well too). After scanning the finished line art, I applied color in Photoshop using the multiply feature for most of the layers.”