In October of 2018 Shields Design was awarded a contract by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at Framingham State University after responding to an RFP. Shields was tasked with designing and managing the printing and mailing of a variety of print materials including; event invitations, postcards, calendars, correspondence and appeal letters, along with complementary electronic designs for use online and on social media. We established a close relationship with FSU and continue our work with them today.

We are highlighting a few of the projects we have designed over the past few years. A short explanation written by the designer accompanies each piece.

Valentines Card

This card is sent to Alumni that married fellow Alumni - they found love at FSU, so we wanted to emphasize the personal connection they had with the campus. To do this, we created a clean, warm and stylized illustration of Dwight Hall and juxtaposed it against a photo of the iconic FSU ram. — Megan James

Florida Postcard

Thanks to the vintage travel postcard look of this piece, we were able to feature many images of beautiful Florida sights and scenery. The result is a sunny, colorful and fun piece that hopefully caught the Alumni’s attention. — Megan James

Holiday Reception

This cute original illustration shows Rocky the Ram all bundled up for winter! He’s got a warm hat and Framingham scarf and looks very cozy in the snow inviting you to the FSU Alumni Holiday Reception. — Megan James

Golf Brochure

The angular shapes show perspective and trajectory of a golf ball coming off the tee - in flight (foreshortening). I chose the green and yellow color palette because it is reminiscent of The Masters. This division of color also allows the shapes to move to the foreground and create a layered effect. The closeup shot of golfball on the cover is what avid golfers look forward to most… that last few inches needed to tap in an easy putt to finish the hole. — Jeff Costa

FSU Reunion Brochure

We received photos of the event from the client before beginning designs. The table setting was lovely, so we thought it would be fun to use the surface to “fake” placement of last year’s event photos within frames. The photos placed were of last years event. That concept carried into the inside spread, juxtaposing framed photos in a playful manner. The banner of tree details at the top helps to create depth. — Sally McCarthy

President’s Circle Gala

The “Art” theme was the directive that was given by the client, as they planned to highlight student art in the venue space.The color palette for the materials was derived from the linens and colors that were selected for the evening. FSU was interested in doing a unique fold. Keeping in mind the budget, we decided on a gatefold would meet the criteria. Some of the watercolor effects were created by hand and others were modified from purchased stock images. — Sally McCarthy

2019 Calendar

These fun layouts were created with contest-winning photos by students traveling abroad. Each spread we created complemented these gorgeous shots with bright colors and patterns. — Megan James

2020 Calendar

The 2020 Calendar featured images and voices from FSU students past and present. Using typography and strong colors we highlighted quotes from FSU voices each month, emphasizing the values that are important to the Framingham State community. — Megan James