Upon our arrival at Standard Modern Company, we were greeting with a tasty lunch under a white tent on a clear blue day. Office Max, the resident dog, ran up to us with his tail wagging.

Some of the staff from Shields Design had never toured a printing facility and we were all amazed by the advanced automation. Our personal favorites included the Polar 137 Paper Cutting System with Lift, Jogger and Off Loader. No need to watch your fingers, sensors take care of keeping you safe. Of course, you can become transfixed watching the stitching, trimming, gluing and collating machines. From the advanced pre-press department to the Heidelberg Speedmaster presses and their digital Indigo 7000 7-Color HP, it is clear that Standard Modern can get the job done right.

Standard Modern Company is a high end, full service printing company, with a responsive, friendly and inviting staff. Be sure to pet Office Max when you arrive!