These times are uncertain but one constant is the bond we feel with our pets. They bring us comfort when the going gets tough. Although they lounge around and don’t get much work done, they are still a valuable part of the Shields team. Therefore, we would like to pay tribute to the furry crew that are here to support us while we all work from home.

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Ali's Pets

Skye on an adventure walk

Skye and Leelu taking an afternoon nap

Leelu in rare resting form

Sally's Pets

Teddy Roo waiting for his walk

Teddy Roo, Chief Executive Lounger

Ike taking a cat nap

Sheryl's Cats and Grand Dog

Antoinette (Toni) looking for a ray of sunshine anywhere she can find

Charlie, the party goes on, even if it is a party for one

Sammy keeping up with his morning stretches

Mary’s Pets:

Movie time

Barnicle & Husk, home sweet home

Barnicle & Husk, play time for the boys

Megan’s Pets:

Fish, perfectly capturing what we think of the quarantine situation

Fish and Momo supervise the day-to-day design work happening at home!

Fish in all his resplendent glory

And the Rest!

Paula’s Grand Pet Nellie (aka Snoopy), visiting Grandma after her new haircut

Jeff’s kitty Chip, chillin’

Steve’s Bug Stinky, always there when you don’t need him

Community Pet Photo Submissions

Bentley unamused about watching his 5th webinar this week

Bentley enjoying some sun on his lunch break!

Setting up for EBay my coworker Bowie helping

Bowie is overworked

The three amigas…Zoey, Mia, and Sophie.

Such a lady.

Nap time.

Sooooo comfy.

Shelter-in-place order means she gets to nap all day (with her stuffed buddy tucked in with her). Stay comfy!


Just another day on the Yogibi

Lucy always reading and willing for her next assignment


Hazel catching rays and delivering a bit of her rainbow energy.

Lady killer Spencer It is hard being so handsome and especially in this light

Nora, Kari and Cheyenne are wondering how many more Netflix series we can watch during quarantine! @kleekaipartyofthree

“This one looks good to me” – Willow, Art Director

Navin R. Johnson, Supervisor at the Plymouth Regional Office

Lucy, she is so confused we are all home


Fenway (our dachshund) in the stroller with his girlfriend Zoe riding in back!

Navin R. Johnson, Quality Control

Our new terror, Moose

LEVI, thinking about how I don’t need toilet paper (haha)

Charlie participating in a virtual yoga and wine testing session

Brandy and Tess hanging out while we work from home

Dash snacking with Mom while working

Sophie and Spencer (not so) social distancing

Sophie proof reading Mom’s work