The Wine Cult, join if you dare!

On a gray, blustery day in January of 2019 Shields Design met with The 1620 Winery before a fire place to talk about the newly conceived 1620 Wine Cult. The name had come out of a brainstorming meeting that previous Summer. Since that time Robert Mullaney had been busy creating high end wines that would only be available to Wine Cult members. Now it was time to think about the labels. We knew they needed to be very special so had already determined that Megan James, Designer and illustrator at Shields Design, would be the perfect artist to create the new wine labels. Megan brings an unprecedented level of creativity and illustration skills to Shields Design and is the creative genius behind the comic book series Innsmouth (her personal project).

So what is the Wine Cult?

This is more than a wine club, it’s a wine cult. A private cabal of wine lovers who share a passion for the fruit of the vine and enjoy communion with others of similar zeal. In this cult, wine enthusiasm is valued over wine knowledge. Membership is open to all, novice and master alike. Their greatest commandment is Thou Shalt Enjoy Thyself and Thy Wine. 1620 _Wine Cult _members enjoy a special status at both the 1620 Winery and the 1620 Wine Bar in Plymouth, MA. Membership comes with insider access to a private reserve of exclusive wines and invitations to participate in special rites and rituals. To learn more please visit:

How were these exquisite Wine Cult labels made?

We knew the imagery and names for the wines needed to be spooky but not too dark. The naming of the wines Crypt’s HarvestSinister SallySiren’s Song and Enchantress came after the illustrations were created. When it came to Bradford’s Ghost and Devil’s Share, the illustration was created in response to the already named wines. The process of brainstorming, sketching initial concepts, final illustration / design and creation of the mechanical file began. Once approved the files were sent to Classic Impressions for printing. These labels used a special stock called silver bopp film, a technique that allows a metallic/foil appearance to come through in varying percentages. A very special etched bottle which was produced by Waterloo Container was created for Bradford’s Ghost, the winery’s premier vintage. We are including photos of the labels for your visual enjoyment.

Three more Wine Cult wines and labels are currently in production. However, to see the labels full metallic effect and to taste the superb fruits of the winemaker’s labor, you will first need to join the Wine Cult.