This project was spearheaded by the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and funded in part by The Office of Community Development and Plymouth’s Promotion Fund. It was sponsored by the Town of Plymouth Planning & Development Office.

Plymouth, Massachusetts has really been showing off its colors this summer. Walking along the waterfront and trying to find a place to eat my lunch before having to return to the Shields’ building, I decided upon a bench painted with colorful blues. As I was eating I noticed multiple people pointing at it, and I started to wonder what the story is behind the bench I sat upon.

With more research, after returning from lunch, I realized that the bench is apart of a collection of other benches, chairs, and picnic tables dispersed around Plymouth. Beautiful ocean scenes and fun patterns decorate the utilitarian art allowing for the town to be that much more visually pleasing and engaging with the arts. Plymouth Public Art created 15 pieces for tourists and residents to find. Shields Design created the tri-fold brochure “Explore Guide” (shown to the right). It contains a map that reveals the location of each work of art and labels them with numbers so everyone can figure out exactly where the masterpieces are.

It is a nice twist for Plymouth’s local artists and art students, who were also involved in the project. So if you happen to be looking for a nice place to rest and have a snack just know that number four: “Striper Fishing in Plymouth Harbor” by Jennifer McCarthy could be the place for you.

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Post written by: Arica McCarthy