Winchester Find a Doctor Application

What was the problem? What was the primary goal?

Our client needed to create a tool to help patients search for Physicians associated with Winchester Hospital.

The goal was to create an easy to use application that was connected with their SalesForce Database.

How did Shields approach the issue?

We collaborated with their IT team to understand what fields needed to be mapped from their Salesforce Database.

How did we implement it?

Drupal and SalesForce

Details about how the application works and functions.

Shields developed an application within Drupal which integrated with Salesforce allowing users to search for a physician based on a wide variety of parameters. We adhered to an existing design system to ensure the look and feel remained consistent with the client’s current brand standards, while implementing custom mobile layout for a better user experience.

How has the end goal affected the clients workflow?
How has it benefited them?

Users who have visited this site have been able to narrow down their search for a doctor faster and gain access to a direct line of contact. This faster search has allowed patients to get quicker appointments and has also gained more exposure for the doctors as well.