What was the problem? What was the primary goal?

Shields was tasked with creating a simple and effective way to monitor website downtime and archive site layout.

How did Shields approach the issue?

By researching existing applications we were able to determine what features were missing, and what improvements could be made.

How did we implement it?

Ruby on Rails

Details about how the application works and functions.

Shields designed and developed an application to monitor website downtime, and create a daily screenshot archive. We leveraged RSpec, capybara, factory_bot_rails and database_cleaner during TDD to avoid regressions and ensure a stable product. Custom jobs with sidekiq were developed to handle email notifications, generate screenshots, and delete archived data. Finally, configured Active Storage to upload screenshots to Amazon S3.

How has the end goal affected the clients workflow?
How has it benefited them?

It makes life as a developer a lot easier. Developers are able to respond immediately to the situation keeping downtime and interruptions to a minimum.